From Israel

It is my desire to honor the heritage and blessing of Israel in any way I can. I found this beautiful  2000 year old Roman Glass jewellery excavated in Israel and produced during the time of Jesus. Honestly, when I held this jewelry for the first time tears came to my eyes. Owning something that old from my savior’s time in the land really moved me. I hope you are as blessed as I was with it.

The grafted in symbol has special meaning to me. The bottom of the menorah and the tail of the fish graft us together into the Star of David. Gentiles have been grafted into Israel. We are the spiritual seed of Abraham. The blessings of Abraham are ours today and always. The same God that parted the sea for Moses and Israelite's is the same God that parts the raging seas for us today. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. All powerful, all loving, God forever and ever.

Everyday my prayer is one day in Jerusalem; one day in the Holy land. Yes, that is from “Fiddler on the Roof”, but it is my prayer all the same. I will be there one day until then it’s in my heart to bless Israel anyway I can. I decided to sell products from Israel in my store and I hope you enjoy my selections from Galilee and Jerusalem. It is my pleasure to bless you and bless Israel at the same time. There are of course other items not from Israel and hopefully you find all my selections fun and encouraging. Blessings!! Colleen